Product Features

Sensor Type / FMCW Radar, single chip

Radar Frequency / 60 Ghz

Application Types / Liquids (water, oil, sludge) &  Solids (waste, metal, textile, paper, glass, plastic)

Measurement Range / 50mm – 4000mm

Accuracy / 2 mm, 1,5% error

Beam Angle / 12º, adjustable

Protection Class / IP68

Connectivity / wireless, global coverage

Battery life-time / 5 – 10 years

We Love Radar!

LEVELRADAR is the first wireless radar level sensor for (fill-)level measurement of liquids as well as solids. With the latest 60Ghz radar-on-chip technology the LEVELRADAR is unbeatable when it comes to accuracy,  reliability and versatility. It’s long battery-life, global connectivity and robust watertight housing makes the LEVELRADAR ideal for use across different industrial sectors like waste management and water management. 


Leaflets LEVELRADAR: Waste Collection, Water Management and Inventory Control:

Screen Shot Flyer LEVELRADAR™          screen-shot-WaterManagement LevelRadar          screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-07-20



LevelRadar Sensor

Based on radar technology SenZ2 introduces the most accurate and cost efficient (fill-)level monitoring solution. With it’s long battery-life, applicable and profitable in almost every industry application.

Global Connectivity

LEVELRADAR ‘s modular design enables the device to provide the most reliable connectivity solution available. Depending on the application and region LEVELRADAR supports connection to GSM, NB-IoT, SigFox or LoRa networks.

Real-Time Insights

With it’s secure on-line cloud platform actionable information is provided to all stakeholders. Full control over business processes with real-time alerts, trend analyses, adaptive planning and reporting.

Our added value with sensor technology

Our integrated monitoring services are being rolled out across widely different industrial sector, all dealing with major logistic challenges. Learn more about our added value by checking out some of our applications.