Application: Remote Water Level Monitoring

31971714 - water level indicator dam

Application Features

Sensor Type / FMCW Radar, single chip

Radar Frequency / 60 Ghz

Application Types / Liquids (water, oil, sludge) &  Solids (waste, metal, textile, paper, glass, plastic)

Measurement Range / 50mm – 4000mm

Accuracy / 2 mm, 1,5% error

Beam Angle / 12º, adjustable

Protection Class / IP68

Connectivity / Wireless, global coverage

Battery life-time / 5 – 10 years

Application Description

Based on the wireless LEVELRADAR SenZ2 provides a complete solution for remote and real-time monitoring of water levels. For the water sector real-time insights in water levels is key. Accurate level-measurement data can result in improved policy, reduction of risks and direct cost savings. The LEVELRADAR can monitor waste water and overflow, surface water and groundwater in remote places without any power source. With radar as the most reliable and cost-effective level measurement technology, there is no reason to accept a lack of insights in water levels.


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