Application: Smart & Efficient Waste Collection


Application Features

Sensor Type / FMCW Radar, single chip

Radar Frequency / 60 Ghz

Application Types / Liquids (water, oil, sludge) &  Solids (waste, metal, textile, paper, glass, plastic)

Measurement Range / 50mm – 4000mm

Accuracy / 2 mm, 1,5% error

Beam Angle / 12º, adjustable

Protection Class / IP68

Connectivity / wireless, global coverage

Battery life-time / 5 – 10 years

Application Description

SenZ2 provides a complete solution to optimise the waste collection process. Highly accurate insights are given on container fill-levels with the unique LEVELRADAR™. This reliable source of information, together with the route optimisation application will result in direct operational cost savings. Beside, complaints about full containers can be avoided effectively. Through a significant reduction in emissions, road wear, vehicle wear, noise pollution and work hours, SenZ2 provides cities as well as commercial waste collectors 50% in direct cost savings in waste logistics.


Leaflet: Smart & efficient waste collection:

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