Application: CO2 Indoor Climate Monitoring


Application Features


CO2, Temp & RH / real-time precision monitoring

Presence detection / occupancy of (meeting) rooms

LED indicators / local feedback, local action

Central data storage  / KPI control of all managed facilities

Data analytics / HVAC performance degredation

Application Description

Staff costs, including salaries and benefits, typically account for about 90% of a business’ operating costs. It follows that the productivity of staff, or anything that impacts their ability to be productive, should be a major concern for any organisation. A meta-analysis in 2006 of 24 studies found that poor air quality and elevated temperatures consistently lowered performance by up to 10%, on measures such as typing speed and units output. CO2 levels are a way to measure air quality, and can occur as a result of poor ventilation


Brochure Indoor Climate Monitoring:



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