Product: Active RFID & Data Loggers



Product Features

Sensor Types / Acceleration, Temp, RH, CO2, PIR

Acceleration / Shock detection (log), Operating hours (log)

Temperature / ±0,3℃ accuracy, ±0,1℃/year long term stability

Relative Humidity / ±2% RH (-30℃ – +70℃)

CO2 / Automatic self-calibrating

PIR / Detection of human presence

Protection Class / IP54 – IP67

Connectivity / 868Mhz, proprietary (range 300m)

Battery life-time / 10 years

Start with IoT today!

Our active RFID portfolio contains different types of sensor tags, build on the same proven technology platform. With every sensor tag free access to our data platform is provided to start playing with the extensive amounts of real-time information and gain insights right away. Start with tracking your assets or monitor your supply chain for a fixed fee per sensor tag per month.


Brochure Rapid Pilot Kit RFID:


Sensor Tags

Extremely small, robust and reliable sensor tags with an unmatched 10 year battery life. Ready for business!


Up and running in minutes with plug & play scalable reader infrastructure for indoor, outdoor and mobile use.

Secure Cloud

Your valuable measurements are save with guaranteed message delivery and our secure cloud environment.

Our added value with sensor technology

Our integrated monitoring services are being rolled out across widely different industrial sector, all dealing with major logistic challenges. Learn more about our added value by checking out some of our applications.